Top Majors That Give You The Potential To Earn $100K

It is not surprising that if you plan to earn $100K you will have studied major that would have had most people running in the other direction! Many students have goals and aspirations in difficult areas and as hard as these may seem many students already have one of the steps that they need to overcome to succeed. It could be that you just want to get an idea of majors to avoid or you may be genuinely curious. No matter what your reasons the following will provide you with an insight into the most challenging and daunting majors, but those that will give you the necessary qualifications to earn $100k.

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Whilst architecture does not sound that bad there is far more to designing buildings than producing drawings and making the scaled models. Students that are interested in architecture must complete coursework that includes advanced physics and calculus combined with building preservation, restoration, history and architectural styling. Architecture has the most homework, after all it takes a lot of time to design buildings that will be attractive, cost effective, safe and energy efficient. It is also important that architects have good people skills as they have to work alongside numerous professionals throughout design and construction phases.

Those studying architecture have to achieve a grade average of 3.32, an average of 24.5 hours of school work, and should be aware that the number of available jobs in this field where earnings realize $100k currently stands at 1!

Engineering Technologies

The field of engineering technologies has always been thought of as daunting however it is highly profitable.  The general engineering field highlights theory and the concepts with a major that focuses on applying scientific knowledge to real time issues and problems. Those majoring in engineering take coursework that covers scientific and mathematical areas as well as specializing in areas that include civil contexts, computer contexts and biomedical.

Due to the complex and highly technical subject matter that is covered by engineering technologies, the programs have the lowest grade point averages amongst most majors, but rank in the middle in terms of time that the student is expected to put into their coursework independently of the classroom.

The grade points average of graduates stands at 3.06, with about 15 hours needed to complete the schoolwork. Currently there are just four jobs available in this field with a salary of $100k.


There are a number of colleges that count history as a social science and other that put history in a broader field that is covered by humanities. However, no matter how history is categorized history is a broad and compelling subject to study, and one that sees students understanding individuals and past events using historical information.

Whilst history does not immediately have a specific career it doesn’t mean that the degree is not valuable in terms of professional investment, as there are a number of lucrative professions that the student can pursue including a judge or lawyer.

The grade point average stands at 3.19 with students having to put in just over 16 hours of schoolwork per week and currently there is just one job available in this field paying $100k.

Natural Resources

Students that choose natural resources and conservation as their major will learn how we can face and overcome many environmental challenges and protect the plants, animals and their habitats. Topics covered include balancing water requirements in agriculture, manufacture and drinking along with marine and marsh habitats and the water that they require. Students are also expected to study forestry and the impact of various fuel types on the environment and many other relevant topics.

One of the main reasons that this is such a challenging and daunting major is that it is very heavily science based and also incorporates chemistry, biology and engineering.

This combined with the fact that although solutions may have been determined the social and political constraints are making the implementation impossible.

The grade points average for natural resources stands at 3.06, with the average hours of schoolwork equating to about 16, currently there is just one job available offering $100k.


Transportation and all of the jobs that fall within the remit of material moving operations are vital to the world’s economy. Although the Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reported the average wage in this category stood at $30,000 a year, the occupations such as pilots and air traffic controllers have salaries in the $100k bracket. These jobs require the applicant to have a knowledge of weather, aviation plus a host of other topics and also psychological tests that determine how well the individual would cope with high pressure and issues that need immediate resolution.

The grade points average stands at 3.36 and students have to spend an average of 17 hours in the classroom and further hours to complete the homework. Currently there are two positions offered with a salary of $100k.