15 Cool Things To Do In South Africa

South Africa is one of the coolest countries in the world. It boasts some of the best nature reserves, and world famous cities. If you’re looking for a unique place to visit on your vacation, you should definitely consider booking your tickets to South Africa. If you decide to go here are 15 Cool Things To Do In South Africa.

Tour the Garden Route

South Africa is a huge country at the southern tip of Africa. As such it has one of the most diverse sceneries in the world.

garden route south africa

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A great idea for nature lovers would be to tour the Garden Route, which runs from Mossel Bay to Storms River Village.

17 Places To See Before You Die

Many people dream about traveling to foreign countries. Unfortunately, money is a problem for a lot of would be travelers. With that being said, if you’re going to travel make sure to see these 17 places before you die.

SaPa Vietnam

If you’re interested in seeing local culture, that isn’t spoiled yet by tourism, SaPa in Vietnam is one of the best places to go.

SaPa Vietnam

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SaPa is best known for it’s rice paddies, and if you want to go, now is a great time to do so, because of the thawing of US-Vietnam Relations.

Thomas C Corley Studied Rich People For 5 Years And Found That They Avoid One Type Of Person

You may not think it, but who you spend your time with matters a whole lot more than you could possibly know. The fact is that your friendships could have a major impact on your actual net worth. The author Thomas C Corley, has been researching the habits of wealthy people for the past five years and there was one thing that came through, this being the type of people that wealthy people avoid at all costs, pessimists.

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In his book, “Change your habits, change your life” Corley explains that self-made millionaires are really particularly about the people they associate with. Corley states that one is only as successful as the people that they frequently spend time with. Rich people are constantly on the lookout for people that are goal orientated, optimistic, have attention to detail and are enthusiastic with a complete positive mental outlook on life.

In is study, 86% of rich people were in the habit of only being associated with other successful like-minded individuals. Additionally, these people make a point of limiting their exposure to negative and toxic people.

Corley truly believes that we emulate those people we are associated with and this is why it is so important to substitute negative acquaintances for those positive individuals as positivity appears to be the hallmark of rich people, and long term success was only possible by having a positive mental outlook.

Corley is not the first person to suggest that negativity is the quickest way to derail your success, and also that relationships can affect your financial success. Napoleon Hill, the journalist drew very similar conclusions after researching more than 500 self-made millionaires.

The bottom line is that there is no room for negativity when you are pursuing success, so start hanging out with optimists and steer clear of the pessimists.


20 Must See Places In Poland

Always one of the more interesting countries in Europe, Poland has come a long way since the 1990’s and is now a growing tourism destination. Here is our pick of the 20 must see places in Poland

Slowinski National Park

If you like going to the beach, you’re going to love the sand dunes at Slowinski National Park.

Slowinski National Park

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Located along Poland’s Baltic Coast. Slowisnski National Park is a good place to go if you’ve been traveling for a while and you really want to go to the beach. The closest city to Slowinski National Park is Gdansk.

Do Antibacterial Soaps Do More Harm Than Good?

You would have thought scrubbing your hands with bacteria busting soap would be the best way to deal with whatever you have thrown at you on a daily basis, however according to the research that has been carried out on the cleansers it appears that they are doing you, those around you and the environment no good at all.


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Scientists have shown that the common antibacterial elements that are found in these soaps, such as triclosan and triclocarban, may actually increase the risk of infection, alter the gut microbiome, and encourage bacteria to become resistant to prescription antibiotics, whilst proof of the actual benefits soap provides appear to be extremely slim.

Researchers seem to be finding more and more disturbing information about the chemicals in particular triclosan. This antimicrobial is widely used in a majority of products as well as soap, such as shampoo, body wash, toothpaste, household cleaners etc. When rats were exposed to triclosan, it was proved that this substance made the bacteria stickier setting the environment for infections.

Further studies showed that triclocarban used frequently in soap when tested on rats showed that both the mother and babies microbiomes were altered. However, doctors were quick to confirm that they do not yet know whether the microbiome changes will last or whether they simply spark an effect on health.

Whilst the researchers work out exactly what antimicrobials do when they are in the body they also want to work out what these do when they are excreted from the body or are flushed down the drain. In studies conducted in 2014 it was found that triclosan interfered with the microbial communities that break down sewage, the chemical showed a spike in a gene called mexB, which is a gene that allows the bacteria to kick out triclosan before it can kill it off. These tests also showed that these genes resisted common antibiotics like ciprofloxacin and bacteria that contain mexB were also resistant to these antibiotics.


Germany wants to Double Migrant Deportations

In a move, which represents the frustration of many Germans with the ongoing migrant crisis, the German Migrant Coordinator, Peter Altmaier has called for the doubling of migrant deportations of failed asylum seekers.


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As we all know, Germany is at the center of the whole migrant crisis, and the German Government has been having a bit of a problem deporting some of the migrants who have failed in their bid for political asylum, and refugee status. While most of those deported have come from Balkan countries such as Albania, there are also many migrants from places like Afghanistan who were unsuccessful in their applications. The only problem is that it is much harder to send someone back there. The German Government has been try to make a treaty with the Afghan Government, and hopes to double the amount of Migrants that they will deport in 2016, in comparison to 2015.

Original Source: washingtonpost

David Cameron Releases His Tax Details

Due to the fallout which resulted after the release of the Panama Papers last week the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron, became the first world leader to fully release his tax information. As you can imagine, it is not particularly pretty.

David Cameron

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After being caught in a bit of a difficult spot, after his father was named in the Panama Papers, David Cameron has decided in the name of transparency to fully release his tax information. Apparently though, it backfired, as the documents show that he has managed to evade certain estate taxes by having his mother gift him about 70,000 Pounds. While he may have intended for his release to restore trust in himself and his government, it is starting to look like this bold move has backfired really badly. Perhaps it might be better for him to either resign, or to make right on his tax bill.

Original Source: dailymail

Taliban Threatens Key Helmand Capital As Afghan Soldiers Desert

Just three miles outside Lashkar Gah the Afghan soldiers can see a white flag, this is not in surrender, in fact it is quite the opposite. The flag illustrates quite how close the Taliban are to the Helmand Province. Regardless of the Afghan government reassuring that the army can hold and retake the ground it is looking less and less likely.


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With the Afghani troops pulling out of the Helmand districts it is understandable that those inside Lashkar Gah are becoming increasingly nervous. A source from the Helmand police made a statement to CNN last week confirming that the army have made little if any headway and that at least five complete districts are now under the full control of the Taliban. He also confirmed that the incredibly valuable opium crop was now being harvested in Helmand and this was the main reason for the Taliban’s focus on the southern area.

Whist the government are denying any suggestion that Helmand is under a threat of Taliban, stating that if it were Helmand would be overrun. The government are blaming the Taliban’s recent advances on the assistance that they are receiving from the fighters coming across from the Pakistani border.

The defence minister added that the newly appointed Afghan army leaders were sensational and whilst they were facing a difficult battle there was no way that Lashkar Gah is on the point of falling. What doesn’t help is the fact that many Afghan soldiers have deserted and now joined the Taliban and more troops with the Afghan army are dying.

This was further confirmed by two deserters who despite undertaking army training and taking an oath to serve their country, the situation has changed and the army has let them down so they had no choice but to join with the Taliban where they are treated really well. There have been record casualties and when their dead and injured comrades lay in their base and no one came to assist them or take them to hospital it was then we realized we should take our skills and used them in a better way, currently this sees us training the Taliban fighters.


Bernhard Langer Runs At The Masters Using A Controversial Putting Technique

The 58-year-old Bernhard Langer, has found a way around the rule that bans the use of anchoring putters on the PGA Tour.

Bernhard Langer

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After playing just three rounds at the Master he was lying in third place just two strokes behind Jordan Spieth, trying to become the oldest player to ever win a major. However, Langer is also doing this whilst bypassing the recent ban on a technique known as the belly putter.

From the beginning of the year, players are no longer allowed to “anchor” any club to their body whilst hitting the ball. This was a popular technique which saw players press the end of the club into their stomach or chest with the sole aim being a smoother and more consistent stroke.

Many spectators are wondering how Langer has got away with using the technique, simple, he has found a way around the rule. The confusion has come from the fact that the belly putter club has not been banned and this meant that there is nothing wrong with the club being used. So how is Langer still getting away with this?

When recently questioned about his putting technique he made it clear that he is not anchoring the putter, he has a small gap between his hand and chest, and between his forearm and his chest during the actual stroke. In other words, Langer is anchoring his thumb to his chest to set up his putt then pulling his thumb away at the beginning of his stroke.

It is obvious that it doesn’t matter what it looks like, as the officials have clearly concluded that Langer is satisfying the criteria of the rule in question.


The US Drop Bombs Quicker Than They Can Possibly Make Them

The aerospace and defense policy analyst Roman Schweizer, has admitted that whilst the US has a steady inventory of missiles and bombs the 2 ½ years of fighting ISIS and continued bombing of Afghanistan have exceeded the weapons projections leading to the Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, asking Congress to include further funding for 45,000 smart bombs in the 2017 budget, however it is looking like it could be a while before the stockpile is rebuilt.

US Drop Bombs

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The United States dropped more than 20,000 guided missile bombs on Iraq and Syria in 2015. Recent months have seen the US has transferring further quantities of bombs to allies in the region. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have been a lot less active in the fight against ISIS as they have been focusing their military on defeating rebel groups in Yemen since March 2015. This Saudi led coalition has with the American support been bombing Yemen but this is all being done using munitions made by US companies, and have purchased American weapons for over 10 years. through US State Department-brokered deals for more than a decade.

Although Roman Schweizer has confirmed that US bomb makers are capable of producing enough weapons to meet the demands, however he was quick to reiterate that if the US were in a state of war they would need to run three shifts of eight hours, twenty-four hours a day to supply the weapons.

Lockheed-Martin have confirmed that they have been asked to increase their Hellfire missile production facilities. Additionally, Boeing, makers of the Joint Direct Attack Munition, are also ramping up production. CNN reported in December that an unnamed US official reported that it may take up to four years for the country to rebuild their Hellfire missile inventory.

Schweizer had confirmed that the Pentagon are faced with an unresolved question as they are using weapons at a rate that they never determined and they do not know how long this current rate of use will continue.