Bernhard Langer Runs At The Masters Using A Controversial Putting Technique

Bernhard Langer

The 58-year-old Bernhard Langer, has found a way around the rule that bans the use of anchoring putters on the PGA Tour.

Bernhard Langer

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After playing just three rounds at the Master he was lying in third place just two strokes behind Jordan Spieth, trying to become the oldest player to ever win a major. However, Langer is also doing this whilst bypassing the recent ban on a technique known as the belly putter.

From the beginning of the year, players are no longer allowed to “anchor” any club to their body whilst hitting the ball. This was a popular technique which saw players press the end of the club into their stomach or chest with the sole aim being a smoother and more consistent stroke.

Many spectators are wondering how Langer has got away with using the technique, simple, he has found a way around the rule. The confusion has come from the fact that the belly putter club has not been banned and this meant that there is nothing wrong with the club being used. So how is Langer still getting away with this?

When recently questioned about his putting technique he made it clear that he is not anchoring the putter, he has a small gap between his hand and chest, and between his forearm and his chest during the actual stroke. In other words, Langer is anchoring his thumb to his chest to set up his putt then pulling his thumb away at the beginning of his stroke.

It is obvious that it doesn’t matter what it looks like, as the officials have clearly concluded that Langer is satisfying the criteria of the rule in question.


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